Unforgettable Biography

BIG! 33 Chapters, 700 pages, 6″ x 9″, laminated gloss cover

“These stories each and everyone a gem……One of the most captivating biographies I have ever read……Story telling at its finest……Truly a remarkable piece of art written by an incredible man……By far the best book I have read in a long time…”  SEE MORE READER COMMENTS BELOW

You are about to embark on an amazing adventure, a journey of life so incredible it seems impossible – grizzly bear charges, swept down rivers, horses over remote and rugged mountain passes, set afloat on islands of ice, bigfoot encounters, brawls, and so much more. A life full of incredible hardships and joys. It is a biography of a person chosen for adventure, no one could have set out from early childhood to live literally well over a hundred wilderness journeys. Like a loving mother and a mad dog, adventure has filled the lonely void in Stan Walchuk Jr’s life, and chased him down city streets, over country roads, down rivers, through mountain passes. Head on and face to face the serenity, drama, and cruelty of adventure.

Excerpt from Common Man, Uncommon Life

  “…Stove pipes smash about, tent walls slammed, shrieks and guttural moans. Move, you have to move!

Bare knees shuffle over dirt and pine needles, one hand sweeping the floor for the flashlight the other clenched to the pistol grip, trigger finger tight, gun barrel punching the dark, inching toward the blood chilling groans. Why haven’t I hit it yet!

Got it! Flashlight beam skips through the black. Table tossed, food scattered, tin stove and pipes in ruin. Death rattles from the far corner. The tent vibrates. The light dances wildly… can’t see the bear!

There! A body being dragged out of the tent, feet kicking – Donnie’s skinny legs and feet. I dive at the corner, shove under the canvas wall…”

StanStan Walchuk Jr was born in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. He took his first solo wilderness trip at thirteen years of age and for nearly fifty years has been the consummate wilderness traveler. Best known for his remote horse journeys, including the amazing one thousand mile CORDILLERA! Expedition, he has also taken many remote backpacking trips and canoed more than twenty wild rivers and lakes. For many years he lived summer and fall in the saddle. He is considered by many to be one of North America’s most prolific wilderness travelers.

Stan has written more than fifty articles for horse and outdoor magazines including The Canadian Horse Journal, Pacific and Prairie horse, Saddle Up, The Equine Trader, Western Horse Review, and Bowhunter Magazine. He is the author and producer of the best selling CORDILLERA! Book and DVD, and the Blue Creek Trail Riding/Training/Packing Book and DVD. He earned Best Documentary and Best Producer Awards for the CORDILLERA! Documentary. Through it all he somehow managed Biology(Zoology) and Education degrees from the University of Alberta. He has been a gas station attendant, car washer, chicken delivery boy, truck driver, construction laborer, surveyor, rough neck, habitat improvement contractor, guide and outfitter, teacher, film maker and writer.

Stan and Marlene raised their two children in McBride BC and presently operate the Blue Creek Horse and Guides Program. See

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Readers' Reviews

Thanks for sending the book. Great reading! Exciting to say the least. Only the best for 2017! RON BORCHUK, Donalda, Alberta

Stan Walchuk Jr. has lived a very unconventional and amazingly adventurous life. He made his own path, doing things the hard way, learning as he went, taking big risks and living life to the fullest. This book is a collection of some very entertaining, challenging and creative real life adventures, which a ‘normal’ person would rarely experience. From the city and the country these stories are very genuine, creatively written, and very real. I can relate, my life guiding for years in the Canadian wilderness has been similar in many ways. I have read Walchuk’s work in magazines as well as his Cordillera! Book and this new book is his most interesting and entertaining publication to date. This quote sums it up: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” BRYAN MARTIN, Kent, Oregon

Knowing Stan Walchuk Jr’s work for many years his strong and distinct voice continues to shine through in this book. I am always surprised the tenderness and powers of observation for the small things. A great memoir! LUCINDA JENKINS, High Prairie, Alberta

This book has to be one of the most honest and captivating biographies I’ve ever read. Stan’s gifted ability to tell stories not only captivates you, but takes you to a whole different place. I couldn’t put the book down! Truly a remarkable piece of art written by an incredible man!   DANIELLE LOMAS, Adelaide, Australia

I did not expect that an autobiography of this type could be so intriguing, even riveting at times, I couldn’t stop reading it ….      DOMINIQUE CARON, Bellevue, Alberta

I have read a lot of these kinds of books including Stan Walchuk Jr’s book – CORDILLERA!  I was wondering, where is he going to take me now?    Wow!!!  I was not disappointed. This is a journey you don’t want to miss. A gold mine of personal experiences. Common Man/Uncommon Life ranks right up there with the best of them. Very revealing, a unique look into the life of a great adventurer. Vividly told from a life time of adventures and experiences, Stan Walchuk Jr is like a spider drawing you into the web and fabric of his life, and once there, you are hooked. Page after page is filled with never ending adventures both in the mountain wilderness and the exploits of everyday life. This is a book you will not tire of reading.    PAUL BONNER, Camlachie, Ontario

This is story telling at its finest. The way it is written I felt like I was right there for each adventure. That is based on one man is remarkable. The book could have as easily been titled, “LIVING ON TH EDGE” or “LUCKY TO BE ALIVE”.    MILT GILMORE, Jasper, Alberta

What a life packed full of adventure, every new chapter is another journey that left me wanting for more and more. Stan is a great writer and story teller.     ERIC JENSEN, Edmonton, Alberta

We just couldn’t stop reading this book, immediately drawn into the stories of childhood, the later years, and most of all the horse adventures. Full of intriguing encounters, a kaleidoscope of experiences some having your adrenaline coursing, others showing the deep bond and closeness to nature while on the trail. You only wish you could be there yourself! JANA AND RAHEL GOETZ, Munchen, Germany.

Common Man, Uncommon Life is philosophical, compelling, and hilarious. At one level it is a commentary on life - riding with Stan in trackless wilderness, the deep dilemmas about life. But after travelling over mountain peaks and descending into nameless canyons, the commentary emerges engraved on pages to be savored and shared. It is about values, that more is not necessarily better; the discovery that people are more important than things; the revelation that standing for principles can be life’s supreme driver and motivator. It is about a boy’s coming of age, an outdoor journey of discovery bereft of iPads and computers. Simple times filled with human drama, well intentioned but high risk adventures – Huckleberry Finn lived out in the parklands and mountain wilderness. These are stories of raw emotion capturing feelings and uncertainties that we have all experienced, and expressed poignantly as only Stan can recount. There are also stories of triumph, of man overcoming the toughest of nature’s conditions, and of Stan achieving milestones that no one else ever has.  GARY ANDERSON, New Brunswick

By far the best book I have read in a long time! Picked it up and couldn’t put it down.  My wife and I read it together and got a lot of laughs. Truly is a great book.   JOE KAZULIN, St Albert, Alberta

As an avid horseman and game guide I enjoy reading these types of books. I could really relate when the author shared his experiences and adventures. This book is a really good read.    DON HARRIS, Chetwyn, BC

Wonderful book! It is a very enjoyable read that captivates you from the beginning right through to the end. Reading about all of the wild and epic adventures inspires me to be more adventurous myself, and to explore my own backcountry here in New Zealand. I highly recommend this book.  LUKE EVANS, Palmerston, New Zealand

If you crave the cold-dreaded sensation of waking from a fitful sleep into the nightmare of a nocturnal creature, or the laugh out loud circumstances of coincidence and fate, this collection of stories has it all, something for everyone.   ERIN GUNOFF, Vernon, BC

This book can be opened at any page and just read. The stories have reflection and really touched me. I found I always imagined what I would do in these situations. I am not perfectly bilingual and could not understand everything but felt a deep respect for Mother Nature and it is fundamental for me. These stories encouraged me and gave me ideas for the wilderness.  One must be lucky to find the right person. Stan is the right person.   CECILE CRIVELLARO, Brussels, Belgium

Stan Walchuk Jr’s writing grabs you and draws you in. His insights and reverence for nature are peppered with humor. I felt like I was seeing through his eyes and feeling his thoughts as he recreates his adventures.  His connection to the wilderness motivates me to explore!  JANINE WOEHL, Sarnia, Ontario

Stan Walchuk Jr is the most adventurous outdoors man I know about. He has done more than most men dream about and wish they had the nerve to actually do!    TOM HLINKA, Grande Ledge Michigan, USA

These stories are each and every one a gem, an easy Sunday morning read with a cup of coffee. There is a heart touching honesty in this book. The tales are rollicking-wild and a really good time, but underneath there is a tenderness that makes one feel comfortably connected in the shared craziness of just being human. As the stories unfold we are pulled by the common thread of a storyteller’s voice into the adventure. Just a guy and his campfire, and really nice to sit there for a while.   CATHERINE MORGANN, Whitehorse, Yukon

Cool book! What others only dream of Walchuk just does. His very descriptive writing style makes you feel like you are in the middle of it all. I took a Blue Creek Horse Program a while back and found him to be an expert horse whisperer with a lifetime of experience. When he shares his knowledge it is time to listen!  CHRISTIAN DUHME, Vancouver, BC

His writing style made me feel like a fly on his shoulder. Close enough to hear his thoughts, but light enough not to skew his vision as he made his way through amazing adventures! Indeed an ordinary man who has lived……is living, an extraordinary life.    LENOX NEHER,  Pritchard, BC

I have often looked at old black and white photographs and wondered about the important details of that moment, what events and characters made that moment worthy. Stan Walchuk Jr’s stories in Common Man, Uncommon Life brings out those details of the moment, what is lost to those who cannot be there, the important memories of those great experiences. Truly noteworthy and a very good read.  CHUCK CANNON, Williamsford, Ontario

I was inspired by this book written by someone who truly lives and breathes the wilderness lifestyle so abundant in Canada. I enjoyed reading about all of the wonderful, wild, crazy and funny adventures encountered over the years. It is a well written easy to read book and the kind of book you just can’t put down. People who enjoy the beauty and solitude of the outdoors will appreciate the dedication it has taken the author to continue doing what he does so well.   Maori Proverb – “While food provides the blood in our veins, our health is drawn from the land.”  KATY SOWMAN, Wellington, New Zealand

Just read the ‘Charge Me Again’ chapter and it was like living the experience in the wilderness. You can really feel the tension, see the willows fold in front of your eyes, don’t know what happens in the next seconds. In the author’s chapter preview he says – In our areas of growing numbers of aggressive grizzlies you may need to carry it all – a big gun, bear spray, and extra undershorts. Some readers might need extra undershorts just reading the chapter. DANIEL ERHARD, Krumbach, Germany.

I really appreciated the raw honesty, the questions, self evaluations, motivation for the passion for life. I was transported right into the action so that I was there watching the action unfold. Walchuk has a real storytellers gift. A compelling read, did not want to put it down! SHARON LOW, Peace River, Alberta.


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