Am I Capable?


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group0001Although you need to be in reasonable physical condition, an open minded attitude is most important in carrying out the trip and enjoying the hunt. Big mountain wilderness can make a person feel very small.

Before heading out you will have the opportunity to practice packing and saddling. The horses are quiet and manageable. The horse rental bcpurpose of the horse is to enjoy backcountry trail riding, getting into wild country, and if you are hunting, to pack out game. The details about trouble free packing and care of horses is part of the consulting process. Care of the horses is important.

Although there is inherent danger when hunting, working with horses, and crossing water, we have been on dozens of pack trips and have yet to witness a serious injury. However, a waver must be signed.11a

It is our goal to help train and encourage people interested in learning about horse travel.

horse rental bc