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A couple weekends ago I went to Blue Creek Guides camp with my dad we learned so much about knots, horsemanship, packing and riding. I came back with so much more confidence. Stan’s horses are so quiet and calm and well trained. I would highly recommend other kids go to Stan’s camp (So Fun). The things I learned are things that I will use and never forget thanks to Stan. I would love to go again just to hear his stories and to ride his horses. I hope lots of others will go and get the same benefit I did, truly beautiful spot and I had a truly amazing adventure.
Sydney Vipond
Chetwynd, BC

Thank you for the great horses to use. Ginger stole my heart as my favourite. I rode Sunny half time and Ginger half time. Ginger seemed to know the way better.  Shawnee Venables, BC

I took the Guides/Packing Program so I would have some experience with horses before leaving for the summer to work in a guiding territory. It was a major help and the horses quiet and friendly and easy to learn on. Thanks for being such a good teacher.  Chad Miller, Vanderhoof, BC

Thank you again for re igniting my love and appreciation for packing in the mountains. I have read your books and watched your videos and have learned even more this past weeks. It was fun and the horses were second to none. This certificate means a lot because it comes from you.  Vern

I have been a guide for some 40 years plus and I’ve done a lot of packing and things that pertain to guiding and wrangling. I have enjoyed Blue Creek’s Guiding Program. The instructors were very knowledgeable about the business. It was easy to understand all of the instructors, from tying diamonds to knots of all sorts and riding the trail as well. I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot and would recommend the program to anyone who is interested. You will enjoy it as much as I did I am sure!     Don Harris, Chetwynd, BC, Saulteaux First Nations.

Thanks for the excellent program. I really learned lots and enjoyed the camp and the great people. Six months later and I can still tie the diamond hitch! Really phenomenal instructing. Looking forward to coming again, I’d be down there all the time if I could! Kevin Meinema, Valleyview, Alberta

Overall a great course! Great job making everyone feel comfortable. The content covered helped me understand the way of life and role of a guide, challenges of the job, and the techniques to be successful. The people I met were amazing. Guest teachers shared lots of experience I learned a lot from them. Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Thanks,   Cedar Welsh, Terrace BC

I had no prior experience with horses at all, and I am leaving feeling quite confident in my ability to pack and saddle horses on the trail. All in, the course was a fantastic experience and I met a ton of great people. I found the guest instructors to be quite knowledgeable. Stan is a master of his craft. Can’t wait to come back.   Happy Trails,   Brandon Ruttle, Toronto Ontario

….Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your program, I learnt so much and met the most amazing people while at your camp. It was great for skills and knowledge and a big help to enter the industry. Hope to see you soon. Thank you again for an incredible time.   Karen Fry, Prince George BC

Short note here to say thanks for helping me understand another way of life. I appreciated my time with you and the rest of the group. My ride to the top of the mountain was awesome and very enjoyable. All in all the days were great. I learned a lot about horses and knots and how the guide/outfitter life works. Hope your year will be a good one and our paths cross again. Doug Van Winkle, Chilliwack BC

Thank you Stan for a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed my time at your camp and feel that I learned a lot. Everyone that I met while I was there were fantastic, very kind and genuine people. It was great having various guest instructors as I got a lot of different perspectives on how things are done and how things can be hunting and guiding and packing. The sharing of experiences with others really enhanced it. The many skills and ideas I gained here are a great start for the future. Thanks,   Debbie Campbell, Vancouver BC

I found the course very well planned and organized. I perfected the tying of knots and packing horses as I want to guide more with horses. The course will help me in many ways as I picked up something from every part of the training. Stan was very well versed in the training of horses, it was amazing to see the control over a horse if properly trained. Well done. I hope to be back next year.     Mike Podolecki, Grouard and Moberly Lake First Nations

The program will have a long lasting positive effect on our team here at Saulteau First Nations. I have had a lot of feedback from my staff in regards to the peacefulness of the setting, how healing it was and enabled them to just relax and de-stress. The atmosphere at Blue Creek was welcoming and the accommodations refreshingly simple and comfortable. Great for staff development, wellness, and team building. The hands on knowledge about horses and wilderness travel and packing provided self esteem and break through fear for most of us. We are planning to create a program here at Saulteau for working with trauma using horses. Thank you Stan for so much fun!           Kelly Dunn, Director of Family & Social Development

I just wanted to thank you for giving me the outdoor experience I imagined I would see and do so much in the Rockies!   Thanks for everything.                               Daniel Lloyd, Saddle Lake First Nations, Alberta

I treasure this program above all memories of my life and of all the courses I have taken. I had the best time ever from the moment I set foot in the camp to the very last minute I left. I was so nervous about going by myself to a place I never been before but you treated us all like family and I almost forgot about what I left at home! The horses were the best horses I have ever seen from willing, calm, obedient and trustworthy. I loved those horses so much I made sure they all sniffed and nuzzled my certificate before I left! Awesome stories, I laughed until tears flowed and made friends for life, I can never go back to being the person I was. I will do everything possible to take from this program about the good life for my three children…….. Thank you so much Stan and Marlene.     Jessie Rabbit, Merritt BC First Nations