Program Outline

guides schoolguides schoolA study manual will be provided. Participants receive the Blue Creek Trail Riding/ Packing Manual, the Trail Riding/Packing DVD, and the CORDILLERA! Book and DVD, about a hundred dollar value!

The Guides Life

Theguides school pro's and con's of becoming a guide. What it is really like out there.

Riding and Packing HorsesIMG_3289

Training and riding the trail horse, Riding saddles and tack, Pack methods, gear and equipment, Hitches and knots, Wrangling, trail tips, safety, problem solving on the trail

Back PackingFishing

Foot gear, clothing and equipment, Do's and don'ts of backpacking, Tents and camp gear

Dog Packing

Traditional and modern dog packing methodsProgram-Outline

Camp Life

Camp tools and gear including tents, cookware, heating, lighting
Running camp, chores and comfort

Big Game

The habits and hunting methods(spotting, stalking, stands) for Riding-and-Packing-Horsessheep, elk, moose, caribou, black and grizzly bear, white tail and mule deer, Scents and calling technique for elk and moose, Skinning, caping, and meat care

Firearms and Archery

Big-Game-HuntingUnderstanding caliber, trajectory, accuracy, and firearm types, Choosing guns and bullets for game, Safety, Understanding the bow and arrow as a weapon, Bow types - long bow, recurve, compound
Form and accuracy - shooting practice
NOTE: You may choose to bring your own bow

Optics and GPS

Optics and uses for guides, Resolution, light and durability, What to buy; binoculars and spotting scopes types, Understanding how to use the GPS, Photography; camera types and keys to taking good still and movie pictures


A look at the fishing guide's life including coastal fishing and northern lakes.

Recreation / Tourism

Guiding in the recreation industry for summer trail riding, horse packing and backpacking
The tourism industry

Guiding Opportunities / Job Search / Resume's

The type of jobs that are available to guides; the pro's and con's of different opportunities.
The numbers of guides needed in different areas, lists of potential employers including guest ranches, lodges, summer trail outfitters, big game outfitters, fishing lodges, other countries.

Seeking employment, resumes, follow up and experience.

Government regulations and steps for starting up the guiding and outfitting business.