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Horses Hitches and Rocky Trails

Hi Stan, Joe here. Can’t wait to get going this year - Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails again. What is it now, my third time out with Blue Creek horses? I love it out there and just want to say it’s what I look forward to every year. My horse Sailor that I got off…
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Horse Packing

Here I am in the middle of nowhere. Need to say that learning the Blue Creek Packing book with all the Horse Packing in Pictures was great. Need to say I learnt so much and met the most amazing people while at the camp. It was great for skills and knowledge and a big help…
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Horse guides course

Horse guides course was great!   Blog comments – ‘Want to say it was a great course! Everyone was made to feel comfortable. The content helped me understand the way of life and role of a guide, the challenges of the job and the techniques to be successful. Met some really amazing people and the guest…
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