About Us

blue creek horse holidysBlue Creek Outfitting is located at the Blue Creek farm near McBride, BC. For more than twenty years Blue Creek has been your gateway to self-guided pack trips, trail riding and packing clinics, guides programs, and selected books, DVD,s and gear.

Blue Creek is all about Trail Horses and Adventure. It is about understanding what makes a great trail horse, training trail horses and programs to help riders take back country horse adventures.

Both the Trail Riding/Packing/Training Book and DVD are the most complete book and DVD of the subject ever. But Blue Creek is much more than teaching knowledge and skill, it is about having fun doing it, about sharing campfires and mountain's and appreciating good horses and good people - a memorable place to be for many fine people over many years.

About Stan Walchuk Jr.

Stan Walchuk JrStan Walchuk Jr. is your partner in training trail horses and wilderness travel. He has ridden literally thousands of wilderness miles in remote areas of Alberta, BC, NWT and the Yukon, beginning with a Yukon Outfitter at 16. He has come by his skills honestly, working and learning from many outfitters, old timers, and hard core experience.

Stan is a biologist, teacher, award winning filmmaker and writer. He is the author of CORDILLERA! The amazing 1000 mile wilderness crossing of the North American mountain system, and Blue Creek's Trail Riding/Packing/Training Book and DVD - the most complete book and DVD on the subject ever. He has Written more than fifty articles for magazines including the Canadian Horse Journal, Pacific and Prairie Horse, Saddle Up, Western Horse Review and The Equine Trader. Together with his wife Marlene, and family, they operate the Blue Creek Trail Riding, Training and Packing Clinic and The Complete Guides Program. They breed, raise, and train trail horses, having trained over eighty trail horses in the past twenty years.