Clinic Outline


Clinic-OutlineA. Attitudes, philosophies, and abilities of horse riders.

B. The right horseProgram_outline_002a

The right mind
The right confirmation
Buying the right horse

C. The physical horse

Muscles and bore
The foot and legs

D. Riding equipment

Saddles, tack, and accessoriesProgram_outline_001a

E. Basic training for the riding horse

Steps that weanlings, yearlings and two-year-olds should be brought through.
Responding to pressures
The round pen (Horse Whispering?)
Practice time

F. Bitting, saddling, ridingProgram_outline_003a

Practice time

G. Basic training for pack horse

Similar to 'E'

H. Packing equipment

Packsaddle types and different methods
Panniers, bags, top packs, ropes, rigging, Mantis, Etc...

I. Packing up

Single diamond, Double Diamond, One Man Diamond, Basket Program_outline_004aHitch
Weight and balance
Technique and caution
Practice time

J. Trimming and shoeing

Observation only
Possible hands on trimming for interested individuals.

K. Caring for horsesProgram_outline_006a

common problems and remedies
Basic First Aid

L. Safe travel on the trail

Leading horses
Hobbling and wranglingProgram_outline_008a
Stops and starts
Difficult trail (bog, water,deadfall, etc.)

M. The campsite and equipment

Guests will have the opportunity to observe and use various equipment, tents and tools.