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stan walchuk jr

Stan Walchuk Jr, Horse Packing Instructor

The Walchuk family are your hosts. Stan, Marlene, Dylan, Aaron have traveled hundreds vlcsnap-2012-12-14-16h44m09s226of wilderness miles together as a family. Their 1998 trip took them from Rancheria on the stan walchuk jrAlaska Highway (Yukon) to Cassiar, B.C. - about 200 remote wilderness miles. Dylan and Aaron were 5 and 6 years old.

Instuctor- Stan Walchuk Jr. is your chief partner in learning. Stan has travelled literally thousands of wilderness miles in remote areas of North America, including the amazing 'Cordillera! Expedition.' He is a biologist, teacher, award winning filmaker, and writer. Stan is the author of Blue Creeks Trail riding, Packing and Training, and Cordillera! He has written many articles for equine magazines and writes a monthly column in the Pacific and Prairie Horse. Stan is a member of the Longriders Guild (