Guides Program

What It's All About

horse guides program

horse guides programFor personal interest or as an occupational pursuit.

It's all about a wilderness lifestyle. Whether for a week, a month, a season, or year round, guiding is a legitimate way to earn a living while experiencing the great outdoors, meeting interesting people, and staying active and healthy.

Traditionally, many guides have been employed in the fall guide/outfitter hunting industry. But there are other opportunities to extend your time and income in the field, vlcsnap-2012-12-01-11h53m12s56including summer trail riding and packing adventure, the fishing guide industry, backpacking, waterfowl and upland bird hunting and spring hunting opportunities.

This program is designed to introduce and train the skills needed in these areas, whether intended as an occupational pursuit or for personal interest and enjoyment.

Download the guides waiver here.