What to Bring


FOOD ON HAND - Bread, Milk, Margarine, Cooking oil, Sugar, Spices, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, Jams, Peanut butter, Honey, Syrup, Pancake mix, Cereals, Porridges, Kraft dinner, Noodles, Spaghetti, Rice, Potatoes, Canned Spaghetti sauce, Canned vegetables, Canned pork and beans, Canned sardines and fish, Canned beef and prem, Cookies.

SUGGESTED TO BRING - Fresh meats, veggie, salads, fruits. Favorite pastries, desserts, treats, munchies, packtrip food if you plan to camp out, any other food you choose(can always leave extra lobster here).

WHAT TO BRING – Sleeping bag, Warm clothes, extra socks etc., Warm coat, Rain gear, Extra gloves and toque, Hiking/work boots, Extra runners or gum boots etc, Personals(toothbrush, soaps, shavers, wash cloth, etc.), Water resistant hat ie. cowboy hat, Sunglasses, Camera, Extra car keys, Bug dope, Sun screen. Try to have items packed in a duffel type bag or a Backpack, etc.

ARRIVAL – Try to arrive between 2 pm and dark, any earlier and Stan will put you to work, Stores close by in town for supplies and groceries. See the links for directions on how to get here. We are located a few kilometers from McBride, B.C. at the end of Sansom Road. You simple head down mainstreet, turn left at the end (train tracks), then continue on that road under the underpass and down Sansom road to the very end, and drive into our gate with the large sign.

GET WILD! COURSE – Bring any related outdoor items. ie. Your bow and arrows, GPS, a favorite firearm and shotgun(firearms must remained under lock in vehicles until the proper time then placed back), favorite optics, game calls, back backs, outdoor clothing and footwear, knives or other tools, etc. Call us for further discussion if you wish. If you do not have some or any of the items do not worry we have lots!