Main Instructor

Stan and Marlene Walchuk, along with helpers and guest instructors are your hosts. Stan and Marlene have travelled many hundreds of wilderness miles together.

Stan Walchuk Jr is your partner in wilderness travel, bushcraft and survival.  He has travelled literally thousands of wilderness miles by foot, canoe and horse,  taking his first solo wilderness trip at 13 years of age.  He continues to live and travel extensively in the wilderness each year.  Stan has come by his skills honestly working with and learning from many outfitters, old timers and hard core experience.

Stan is a biologist, teacher, award winning filmmaker and writer.  He is the author and film producer of CORDILLERA! the amazing 1000 mile wilderness crossing of the North America mountain system and Common Man/Uncommon Life, a 700-page adventure and life biography, and Blue Creek's Trail Riding / Packing / Training Manual and DVD.