Get Wild!

Get Wild!

Blue Creek’s GET WILD is a complete 4 day Wilderness  Travel /Survival / Bushcraft program that covers a wide range of useful outdoor skills and knowledge. It is intended for all backcountry users including campers, backpackers, canoeists and kayakers, hunters, fisherpersons, pilots and others. It is a practical program, loaded with useful tips and methods that you need and will use in your back country adventures. You will cover outdoor clothing, tents, sleeping systems, shelter building, fire starting, tools, navigation (GPS), harvesting wild food, basic wilderness first aid, bear protection, dog packing, travelling in the wilderness, and more!

Please bring any and all outdoor gear you wish for personal use and demo, including backpacks, tents, tools, archery gear, optics, protection firearm, GPS, etc.

A certificate will be awarded to all successful participants.

A waiver must be signed waiving all owners and helpers from all liability.

Download the waiver here.